A Cruel and Unusual Christmas

The Republican’s Bait and Switch, “dump of humanity” version of Christianity continues… with busloads of migrants and their children being dumped onto the cold, concrete streets of the District of Columbia by Texas Governor, Greg Abbot. The good news. The migrants were dumped just in time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The bad news. Should any of these migrants survive into their 30s, maybe Governor Greg Abbot and Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida will fulfill the second chapter of the Manger Story, and crucify them.

Isn’t this exactly the kind of cruel physical and emotional punishment the Founders of America had in mind when they wrote the 8th Amendment of the Bill of Rights prohibiting “cruel and unusual” punishment ??? The lesson to be learned from Abbot, Cruz and DeSantis ??? To heck with the message of Jesus. To heck with championing the cause of the poor and downtrodden. To heck with letting the plight of the asylum seekers play out humanely in Court under the Rule of Law. Just make “political pawns” of suffering humanity, load them on the bus to the promise land, and then dump them on the streets, and crush their humanity… to score a political point.

Merry Christmas and “Ha,Ha.” The joke’s on you. Now let’s all us Christians go to Church, and celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus. But, wait a minute. Abbot, Cruz and DeSantis were walking so fast to their Christian Church they walked right past the manger and missed putting Jesus, Mary and Joseph on the bus to D.C.

Is there a problem at the border ??? Heck, yes. Ditto for the borders in Europe. But, is this Bait and Switch, “dump of humanity” and political gamesmanship a valid solution ??? No, the end does not justify the means. Abbott, Cruz and DeSantis, make your case before Pontius Pilate. Then defend it when your time comes.

Fred Lauck
Copyrighted 2022