Patrick, thank you for your response email of July 18, 2019. You make many points and I agree with many of the things you say. But, before I analyze your view of Donald Trump, let me share my image of you… cheerful kid of Irish heritage, lost his father in World War II, raised by a dedicated mother in borderline poverty in St. Monica’s parish in Detroit, attended Catholic Central High School (1957 to 1961), B.A. degree from Notre Dame, MBA from the University of Michigan, Officer in the United States Marine Corp, Vietnam vet, 30 years with Coopers & Lybrand, entrepreneur, CEO and President of McDonnell Company, author of Everybody Wants to go to Heaven (2002), husband, father (of three more Irish kids) and treasured friend to all who meet him… especially me. As the 1958 song written by Phil Spector and sung by the Teddy Bears said… “To know him is to love him.” All that Patrick, and you ain’t even dead yet, so we look for more to come.


Patrick, we disagree on Donald Trump. My objections to Donald Trump are not about “politics.” My objections to Trump are based on “humanity” and the “fundamentals” of life… humanity and fundamentals we learned as kids growing up a couple miles away from one another. Donald Trump lacks the “ humanity” and the “fundamentalsto be a stand-up man. He lacks character, integrity, humanity and the ability to level with “We the People” of America and tell us the truth. One “for instance” in a multitude of endless and growing examples… Trump’s payment of $25 million to settle the “fraud” class action lawsuit brought against him and his Trump University). Without “humanity” and the “fundamentals,” Trump (or anyone else so lacking), can never (repeat for emphasis… can never) be an “effective” leader of any Country, at any level.

Patrick, I have never forgotten where we came from (and I know you haven’t either). Our parents would never have allowed us to hang around with Donald Trump when we were growing up, telling us instead… “You are judged by who your friends are” or “one rotten apple spoils the entire bunch.” The Nuns in our Grade Schools would have held out Trump as an example of who not to be. The Basilian Priests at Catholic Central would have told us that Trump is the antithesis of the Catholic Central motto “Goodness  Discipline and Knowledge.” Rhetorically, I ask, what would our parents, the Nuns and Priests have said about us hanging around… with bullies, with those who have power and use it to taunt and belittle others, with those who broadcast loudly that they are “geniuses” (while making sure the world never sees their academic transcripts), with those who belittle the intelligence of others, with those who belittle the disabled, with those who encourage their followers to physically assault and batter the voices of dissent in their midst, with those who can take no constructive criticism (absolutely none), with those who take all the credit for everything that goes right, with those who blame others for everything that goes wrong, etc. If I asked Trump…”Why don’t you ever say you are ’sorry’” ??? He would answer…”Because I am never wrong.” My parents would have sent Trump packing from our house as a “bad influence”… “Lauck… stay the hell away from that Trump kid.”


Patrick, please allow me share my analysis of the thoughts you expressed in your email of 7/18/2019, and let me add a little  “context” to your position and “build out” from there. I endorse your core concept about the historical resistance to those who seek to upset the status quo… “change agents” as you call them. As you say, “change agents” face much “resistance” in their own times. I agree with your assessment that… “change agents” are usually not well received in their hometowns (nor elsewhere) during their lifetimes. The phrase, a Prophet is not known in his own land… comes to mind

But, Patrick, more analysis must be done. Allow me to “buildout” on your reference to “change agents.” First (but least important), I would use a more historically, descriptive phrase, like “Messengers of Change” or “Voices for Change.” Second (and much more important), I would point out that just labelling someone a “change agent” (as you have labeled Trump) is politically and morally “neutral” and lacking in “context and substance,” and, therefore, communicates very little. I repeat for emphasis… labelling someone a “change agent” who upsets the status quo means very little without a “context.”

The real question is whether a “change agent” is one who works for positive change (good) or one who works for negative change (evil). Patrick, both of us (and our 197 other Detroit Catholic Central classmates) came out of High School in 1961… ready to challenge the establishment’s status quo and change the world for the better. About the same time, Charles Manson came out of prison… also ready to challenge the establishment’s status quo and change the world with sex, drugs, rock ’n roll and “helter shelter” mayhem and murder— all three of us hell bent on the same mission… upsetting the status quo and changing the world. So to tell us that (1) Trump is a “change agent” (2) who is going to change the “status quo” and (3) that “resistance” to “change agents” is inevitable… really doesn’t move the political ball or the moral ball down the field, “one iota” (as my Irish mother was wont to say).

Labeling Trump a “change agent who faces “resistance” (as you have done) does not end the discussion. It begins the discussion. The labeling of Trump as a “change agent” who upsets the status quo must be built out by asking… is Trump a “change agent” or “Messenger of Change” or a “Voice for Change”… for the betterment of mankind or for the diminishment of mankind ??? Patrick, you mention Jesus and the opposition and “resistance” to Jesus and his eventual crucifixion. Jesus was a ‘Voice for Change” that was positive. Although Jesus was (1) an agitator (think money changers and the story of the adulterous) and (2) a revolutionary for the poor… Jesus preached Love, kindness, non-moral Judgment, non-violence, acceptance and forgiveness. And (unlike Donald Trump), we have no texts where Jesus referred to others as “losers,” “stupid,” “Intellectual lightweights,”and no texts where Jesus said he likes to grab women by the p_ _ _ _ and no texts where Jesus referred to himself as an “extremely stable genius.” Patrick, our Jesus would never say those outrageous things or make those condescending comments. Both of us know that.

So, the comparison of Jesus as a “change agent” has no relative equivalence with Donald Trump. And, such a comparison would have no relative equivalence if you tried to compare Trump to Father Solanus Casey of the Detroit  Capuchins, or to Detroit’s Monsignor Clement Kern of Holy Trinity, or to the Basilian Priests of our Catholic CentralHigh School, or to Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, or one of my favorites, Muhammed Ali… who (unlike Trump) didn’t dodge the draft with a note form his family Doctor about bunions. No, quite the contrary. A very transparent Muhammed Ali simply said I will not kill others and I will not wage war against the Los Pobres of the world in Vietnam. Rather, Muhammed Ali just spoke his truth in straight forward, transparent and simple terms… I am a “conscientious objector” of this particular war (Vietnam), and, if it costs me (Ali) my career, millions in earnings and if I have to go to jail… so be it.

Now there were always “White Supremacy” objections to King, Ghandi and Muhammed Ali… but no one doubts that King, Ghandi and Ali were “Messengers” and “Voices” for good change. And, no one doubts that they all struggled and prevailed despite the “resistance” of the White Man’s, White Supremacists’ beliefs and actions… White beliefs and actions that sought to undo and defeat King, Ghandi and Ali and their message (at every turn). No one doubts that statement… except the remaining contingent of White Supremacists, still living as anachronisms and relics in our midst… some of whom know and admit to being White Supremacists and others who are White Supremacists, but live cluelessly in “denial” of that fact.

And, no one doubts that many other “change agents” were change agents for evil who destroyed all resistance and opposition at every turn. Think… the worlds most efficient killing machines, Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great, the Romans, The Conquistadors, the Crusaders, the Crucifiers, British imperialists, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, United States Senator, Joe McCarty (killed hundreds of careers and livelihoods), Richard Nixon (manipulated peace talks in Vietnam and prolonged the war, so he could win the election while the body bags continued to fill up), George W. Bush (Killed a 100,000 innocent Iraqis with America’s “shock and awe” and destabilized the Middle East with a “preemptive” strike based on falsified “intelligence”), Vice President Richard Cheney (authorized torture and renditions and then distracted America with a bogus arguments about whether sleep deprivation, freezing conditions, water boarding, etc. were really torture… after all), al-Qaida, the Taliban, Isis, Duterte (Philippines President… and Judge, Jury, Executioner and avenger of crime), and many other “change agents. And, Patrick, it is my opinion (and I’m sure your opinion also) that none of these historical “change agents” would have avoided acute, frontal blast of criticism and resistance from Jesus, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammed Ali or the Basilian priests who taught as at Catholic Central High School.


Patrick… ultimately the overwhelming message of history is ??? These historical groups of “change agents” (the good, the bad and the ugly)… each had their own “common denominator.” The common denominator of the good change agents ??? They are all in… for others. All the good “change agents” lived their lives in service of others… the epitome of the Message of Jesus, the epitome of real Christianity, the epitome of Catholic Central’s motto, “Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge,” the epitome of the University of Detroit High School’s motto “being men for others” and the epitome of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others.” On the other hand, the common denominator for the bad change agents ??? They are all in… for themselves, and everyone else be damned.

And, what is Donald Trump’s common denominator ??? Do you really imagine that an undeniably, self serving, egotistical, “look at me” narcissist like Trump is all in… for the welfare of others, or to spread the “message” of Jesus, or spread the message of “Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge” or the message of being “a man for others” or that he is in it… to be a beacon of light displaying the Golden Rule of “Doing unto Others” across the night’s sky of our Universe ??? Patrick, I understand the occasional necessity for war (World War II), the necessity for carrying a Big Stick while diplomatically guiding America through the world to a safe harbor and the necessity to stand up to our enemies across the globe with “bravado”… as President Truman did when he told the Japanese Emperor, Hirohito (after America had exhausted their arsenal of two atomic bombs)… “Yeah, and I got more of those A bombs with your name on them, Emperor Hirohito.”

But, Patrick, any man or any woman so lacking in the fundamentals of integrity, character, truth telling or lacking in humanity of decency, and any man so endlessly and narcissistically looking in the pond for their reflection… has to raise red flags, every day, all day, across the entire world. Trump is not for me, and I dare say not a good portent for America and things yet unseen and yet to come. I know you are not enthused about Trump. But, Patrick, let me say that lukewarm disclaimers are not “resistance” enough in these very troubled “Times of Trump”… amorality, self centeredness, “truth be damned,” “reality” be divined by whim and edict, constant belittling and shaming of others, taking credit for anything that goes right (“Only I can solve this problem”) and blaming others for all the goes bad. No, Patrick, luke warm resistance in these troubled times… is the the same as no resistance. It’s enablement.

And, Patrick, I don’t tell me about how good the stock market is for the rich (and for guys like me and you). And, I don’t need to hear how the job market and the economy is… when the poor and the middle class are bring crushed financially, emotionally and spiritually and when the 10 richest men in the world have more wealth than than 50% of the rest of the world, and when “Goodness Discipline and Knowledge” may be a meaningless slogan for the next generation of Catholic Central kids, and when “being a man for others” and the Golden Rule are mere tokens and relics from the stone age of our childhood (living, as we once did, in Greatest Generation households, sitting at our parents’  dinner tables, listening to lessons in courage, idealism, humility and sacrifice for the good of the whole).

And Patrick, I don’t have to hear that the corruption of Democrats in America’s big cities is rampant. I know corruption permeates our political world… starting with “Lobbyists” who give money to our lawmakers in an effort to turn their heads towards the “special interests” of Lobbyists and away from the common good of “We the People.” And what a story of corruption I could tell you of Michigan law makers under Republican control (but I leave the specifics and the rhyme, reason and verse of that story for another day). Suffice it to say, that the battle must be waged against both Big City, Bay City and small town corruption, no matter which party is corrupt, and all our leaders must be judged by the Greatest Generations standards of honesty, integrity and fundamental fairness.

And, Patrick, I refuse to play the game of…Yeah, but… [fill in the blanks].” Trump is the President and he is not fit for the job mentally, spiritually or morally, and I must oppose him as vigorously as possible, regardless of the intentional distraction of the choruses of “Yeah, buts….” In fact (during the writing of this response), I have come to see that Catholic Central’s motto of “Goodness Discipline and Knowledge” stands in opposition the President Trump… 180 degrees. President Trump is the antithesis and the polar opposite of what we were brought up to believe. In my opinion, you can’t serve both our childhood ideals and Donald Trump. They are mutually incompatible. And, there is no way around that truism… with “Yeah buts.”


Patrick, I simply cannot agree with you that Trump gets any pass or gets the benefit of doubt or the benefit of any benign explanation or rationalization… even though I respect and admire you as a former classmate, a Marine who has fought valiantly for his Country in Vietnam, a talented author, a very, very successful business man and one of my most respected friends. Trump is not a Messenger of Change for good. Trump serves only himself. As I said before, Trump is a narcissistic, undisciplined and a self centered, attention deficit disorder “change agent”… for bad. He serves only his own ego, his short attention span and his own “Trump brand” before all else… repeat, before all else.

That means that our President and our Commander in Chief lives in a perpetual “conflict of interest” where his “Trump brand” (which he has nurtured his entire life) comes first and the needs of America come second. Long before he became President, Trump elevated the Art of the Lie to create an alternate sense of reality… just to insure that his “Trump brand” wins every time, all the time without any recognition ever that… “I was wrong.” In today’s Detroit Free Press (7/25/19), Trump has the unmitigated gall to tweet… that he bested Mueller because “TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE.” The only time America and “We the People” of America can win is when… “Trump’s brand” just coincidentally lines up with the best interests of “We the People” of America. Or, as someone once said… “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

Patrick, maybe you are a better judge of character than I am… maybe not. I see Trump as a “talk is cheap” and “reality and the truth” are negotiable… billionaire who in the 1980s and 1990s earned the moniker “King of Debt.” Now Trump, the “King of Debt,” is using the American tax payer as his lending agent (as in giving tax relief for his buddies in Corporate America, and his own business organizations). And Patrick, don’t tell me about trickle down or, as Regan use to call it, “Supply Side Economics” … which indebted this country so greatly in the 1980s that President George Bush I had to raise taxes to save America from Regan’s “Supply Side” economy… even though it cost Bush I a second term as President.

Trump is the very same man who strategically dodged military service while he now levels his “chicken hawk” blast against an American hero, John McCain, who survived 5 plus years of torture and imprisonment at the hands of the North Vietnamese. Trump is everything you are not, Patrick. Trump is a self indulgent, party boy, a playboy, an egotist, an elitist, a fraternity club kind of guy… like George W. Bush (before he was “born again”) and like Brett “I like Beer” Kavanaugh (before he was elevated to the United States Supreme Court by Trump). Trump is a man who avoided the draft and now that he is too old to see a battlefield, he revels in July 4th military parades (like he is a little boy playing with tanks). The easily distracted Trump is a perpetually, undisciplined child who also revels in “pomp and circumstance” and in the “Affairs of State” with needless parades of Military here at home, white carpet and drawn sword affairs in Saudi Arabia, walking over boundary lines in Korea, getting love letters from Kim Jong-un, holding hands with Putin as he tells the world he believes Putin over American Intelligence, supplying Saudi Arabia with “Made in America” bombs that the Saudis air mail to Yemen, and that have resulted in years of suffering and starvation of Yemen’s children… all despite the bilateral vote of the American Congress to immediately stop such crimes against humanity… which Trump vetoed. Yes, Trump is all of these and more… all of these and worse.

Patrick, Trump is not a “Messenger of Change” or “change agent” in any positive way. Trump is an agent of divisiveness in every imaginative way possible… with his knee jerk reaction to “exclude” anyone who looks different than him or any one who dares hold a mirror up to him. We may both live long enough to see my words play out in historical truth… or maybe, better yet, we should not live to see it.


My opposition (and other’s opposition) to Trump is not  “resistance” to a “change agent” who disrupts the status quo, as you suggest. I have always been in favor of disrupting the status quo for a better, fairer world. My opposition to Trump goes way beyond that. Left to his own devices i.e. left without any Constitutional “checks and balances,” Trump would be Putin, Duterte, Kim Jong Un or any number of dictators across the globe. It’s who Trump is… as he really sees himself as a “smarter than everyone else,” benevolent Dictator. So, all the “resistance” to Trump that you point out is really a resistance based on the danger of allowing a narcissistic bully to fully take over the reins of power in America. The resistance you see in America and from America’s allies is a symbol… a symbol the “immune system” of America, sensing a tyrant mutation or a viral mutation in the bloodstream of America… which triggers  America’s immune system and body politic to react by sending out a May Day, May Day distress call… all hands on deck to beat back the growing virus of the tyrant gene, President Donald Trump. May Day, May Day, May Day.


Is Trump a racist??? Of course he is. He is a “knee jerk” racist. Is Trump a White Supremacists??? Of course he is. He is a “knee jerk” White Supremacist. By “knee-jerk” I refer to someone who was raised in America’s racist era of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s and (1) knew all the derogatory code words of that era that Whites used to keep non whites in their place, but who (2) now “consciously” think they have evolved… while in their semi-conscious mind they still believe to this very day that the Whites are the dominant race meant to rule, guide and direct the non white population. Patrick… you, me and Donald Trump are all theproducts of our times or, perhaps better stated… victims of our times. Patrick, we both came out of Northwest Detroit in the 1940s, the 1950s and the 1960s and we both grew up exposed (to some degree or another) to the derogatory and judgmental thinking that pervaded our White Supremacists, Catholic neighborhood. Blacks, Jews and non Catholics were not accepted by us. We spoke in racial epithets… spooks, jungle bunnies, nigs, coons, or, if you were Italian, “tootsonies”, “malonjanies.” We used words like hymies, kikes, pagans, infidels in regard to other religions, and, if we thought we were cheated, we said we got “jewed” or we used the expression “jewed, screwed and tattooed.”

I was 15, playing baseball at Stoepel Park II (a couple blocks from your house) when some Mexicans from the Brightmor projects on Evergreen Rd. came over to check us out. The first thing out of their leader’s mouth was “What’s up my man” ??? My first thought was, “I ain’t your man or even your friend,” and then it was… baseball off, rumble on. Life (being stranger than fiction), the Mexican I was getting it on with at Stoepel Park, later became a cop and the next time I saw him again (12 years later at some dance), we got into again (and then three months later) he ends up as a witness in a case I was prosecuting in Wayne County Circuit Court… and he says I broke his nose and he ain’t going to testify unless they get a new Prosecutor. The next time I see this guy in life (if I ever do), I will love him… not fight him.

In 1963, when our football team went down to Mississippi Burning to play Memphis Sate, our team had two blacks, Ron Rice and Wendel Smith (our friend Bob Rekiel’s roommate… causing Bob’s mother to have a conniption). The Memphis State players and the fans in the stands threw the “N” word (and “N lover”) around, like it was Merry Christmas, Happy birthday or “have a good day.” Our black teammates could not even stay at our Hotel. Our Coaches should have had a copy of the “Green Book” so we would have known how to comport ourselves, and what side of town to stay on. In 1966 (when you and I were 23 years old), the University of Kentucky basketball team (coached by the legendary Adolph Rupp) refuse to play Texas Western for the National Championship… because the starting five for Texas Western were all black. Finally, cooler heads prevailed and the game went on with Texas Western kicking Kentucky’s ass… with Bobby Joe Hill of Highland Park High School voted the MVP of the Championship game for Texas Western. As I say, Patrick, we were all products (or victims) of our times… all Archie Bunkers who considered the White Man superior to all others.

Patrick, this year (2019), we recognize the poor Black souls who were murdered 100 years ago by White Supremacists. As the Detroit News reports on 7/24/2019… “Hundreds of African American men, women and children were burned alive, shot, hanged or beaten to death by white mobs. Thousands saw their homes and businesses burned to the ground and were driven out, many never returned” (page 3A of the 7/24/19 Detroit News). Can you imagine the absolute horror and terror of running out of life, as you are subjected to such traumatic, out of control, ISIS violence… all because American White Supremacists don’t like the skin pigment you were born with ???

Patrick, both of us were less than a year old in June, 1943 when the “race riots” in Detroit engender intense hatred against blacks… a total of 34 killed, 25 dead Blacks, with most of them killed by White police or by White National Guardsmen. 433 Wounded with 75% of them Black. Property damage… $2 million (2015 dollars… $27.5 million). By the time we were coming of age in the 1950s and 1960s, most of us in our Detroit neighborhood didn’t bear the same hatred for those who were of a different color or for those who were non-Catholic, but we certainly didn’t think those non-Catholics or Black men and women or Mexicans or Asians had any sort of legitimacy or equivalency in our eyes. We were all Archie Bunkers. If we weren’t White Supremacists, we certainly believed we were superior to or better than Blacks, Mexicans, Protestants, infidels and Jews. Maybe, we were White Superioricists or maybe our DNA just perceived “difference” in color or religion as a threat to our White survival. And, interestingly, today (7/25/19) is the 47th anniversary of discovery of the well hidden, Tuskegee syphilis experiment finally coming to light… as we Americans finally realized (47 years ago) that our own government (U.S. Health Service, in conjunction with the Tuskegee Institute) had been allowing poor, rural blacks to go without treatment, even allowing them to die, as a way of studying syphilis. That brutality takes a page right out of Nazi playbook on medical  experimentation by Josef  Mengele at Auschwitz.

Patrick, I had very “progressive” parents, and, therefore, I was raised different from most others in our neighborhood, and was much more accepting of blacks (who dined at our kitchen table) and Jews (who were my Father’s bookie clientele) and non Catholics and infidels and pagan babies… perhaps, because my parents were excommunicated (due to my Mother’s prior marriage). So, in the Lauck family, we knew what it was like to be amongst those who were not accepted, to be looked down upon and pushed away from mainstream society… the very painful, social diminishment that gave rise to my overwhelming desire to be a Trial Lawyer for the common man and the forgotten woman. Interestingly, despite my Father’s excommunication, he died a devout Catholic (even though excommunicated) and my Mother died seven years later, endlessly reciting… “Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World, have mercy on me.”



The way out, the key to break free, and rise out of the ashes of our own racist and White Supremacist’s past (and this is most important for recovery)… repeat, the “key” to recovery is to take a page from Alcoholics Anonymous and acknowledge to ourselves (and to the rest of the world) that as we grew up, we lived, thought and spoke as racists and White Supremacists (to some degree or another). It is only that “no holds barred” acknowledgement that will free our spirit to change and open the door to our new found acceptance of all of God’s children regardless of race, color, creed, religion, age, sexual identity and place of birth. Without that first step “acknowledgement” of our flawed past thinking, our spiritual growth will be forever stunted, and our humanity will never be freed up to love our fellow man and woman. Without that freeing acknowledgement, we will  simply live a life of “denial”… imprisoned by the White Supremacist ghosts of our past.


Patrick… The point. You and I know about “racism” because we both lived it and we have both seen it play out in our lives. Patrick, you can’t tell me that Trump’s words to have four sitting Congresswomen of color go back where they came from… was not racist. To say that Trump’s reflex, knee jerk response was not racist is (to put it un-politely) pure bullshit. In an historical context, in the context of Trump’s history and in the context of our history, Trump telling four brown skin women to basically go back to the “shit hole” countries from whence they came… is the definition of “racism.” You know we both grew up in our all white neighborhoods with White Supremacy permeating attitudes. If a black man dare complain about his position in America, he was told… “If you don’t like it, go back to Africa.” That is exactly the “racist” line Trump drew upon to express his thoughts and his (not so veiled) “racism.” My statement is undeniable… no matter how Trump and his Republican buddies try to spin it.

Translated “racism” is blacks being told by whites… that if you blacks use your First Amendment right to complain about your Constitutional rights and fairness, “you blacks should just shut up and go back to Africa.” Trump… if he doesn’t see the “racism” in his comments is either a liar or in denial. And, that’s why Trump’s base loves him… he stands up for their conscious and/or subconscious “racist” views to “Make America great again”… the “great era of racism” we grew up in… the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.


Sorry to be so long winded Patrick, but, based upon my family upbringing and my Catholic education (Nuns and Priests)… I felt the need to set the record straight on Donald Trump.

*Trump is the paradigm of the new wave of “Nationalists”… those very same Nationalists who were wholly responsible for an unnecessary World War I, trench warfare and its unspeakable pain, suffering, death and destruction.

*Trump is a “Tyrant in Waiting” who rolls the dice on and plays Russian Roulette with “War and Tariffs.”

*Trump is a supporter of the rich and Corporate America, and any favor shown to the common man and the forgotten woman (“subsidies and socialism” for the Farmers) is solely for the purpose of maintaining his voting base.

*Trump will do whatever is necessary to sustain his “brand” rather than sustain America.

* Trump is a mean spirited man who lacks in common decency and compassion.

* Trump cannot be counted on to level with America and tell us the truth. Muller told America that in his report and in his testimony on 7/24/1019.

* Trump’s reality is what ever he needs at the moment to sustain his brand.

*Trump takes all the credit for all that goes right.

* Trump deflects the blame on others for all that goes wrong.

* When “push comes to shove” and Trump must choose between protecting his brand or protecting America, Trump will protect his needs… not America’s needs.

* Trump lacks integrity, character and is not a “stand up guy.”

* You will never hear Trump express the sentiments of Harry Truman and tell America “the buck stops here.”

“We the People” of America don’t need Trump for our President and “We the People” of America did not give Trump our majority vote. We need a man like Patrick McDonnell, Catholic Central class of 1961 for President… not Trump.