Trials Reported in the Press

  1. People v. Calvin – Ypsilanti Shooting Death over loud music at apartment.
  2. Henry v. Grey Manufacturing – Defective jack with blindness when car falls off jack and crushes plaintiff’s optic nerve.
  3. Argenta v. Shahan – Plaintiff, a dentist, used thermogram imaging technique to establish soft tissue neck pain (Dominican Nun Foreperson).
  4. Young v. Southfield – Police misconduct…motorist beaten with flashlight during traffic stop later suffers epilepsy.
  5. Dew v. City of Ferndale – Police shot a fleeing deaf mute who was accused of yelling in a public park.
  6. Horton v. Brackle – Legal malpractice.
  7. Nierzwick v. Pine Knob – Concert goer at J. Geils concert paralyzed diving into pond (now gated at the GTE Theatre).
  8. Yerant v. Yerant – wife sues husband who drove into a funeral procession.
  9. People v. Stetz – Triple fatality boating accident case, Belleville Lake.
  10. Pearson v. General Motors – Slip and fall in GM cafeteria.
  11. Spraggins v. City of Detroit – Police beating of homeless man.
  12. Heffernan v. Conflitti, et al – Student drops LSD into teacher’s coffee cup at Troy Athens High School.
  13. Horn v. Dr. Roux – Medical malpractice case in Jacksonhole Wyoming for wrongful birth. Despite multiple ultrasounds, Dr. Roux failed to diagnose missing legs on baby Horn.
  14. People v. Martin – Death of former Tiger pitcher, Denny McClain’s, daughter in firey collision with semi truck.
  15. People v. Arthur Jackson and Raymond Brown – After acquittal of murder (and double jeopardy attached), defendant Jackson admitted guilt at Defendant Brown’s trial and exculpated alleged accomplice, Brown.
  16. People v. Andrew Jackson Payne – Stabbing death of Melvindale High School football coach in bar brawl.
  17. People v. Robert Smith – General Motors plant shooting with insanity defense.
  18. People v. Bruce Ramsey – “Devil Murder” case with insanity defense.
  19. Lopatin Miller v. Erlich, Rosen & Bartnick – Law firm split up involving prominent, plaintiff trial lawyer, Albert Lopatin’s law firm.
  20. Nelson v. Consumer Power – Explosion in the heart of downtown Rochester killed a Hubble Roth Clark engineer who was investigating a consumer power gas leak.
  21. People v. Walker – Former graduate of Brother Rice High School, a 19- year-old minor, was drinking and driving when, ironically, two former alcoholics left an A.A. meeting at Brother Rice High School and pulled out onto Lahser Road into the 19-year-old’s path and were killed.
  22. People v. Nawracaj – Firey explosion, trucking accident with four deaths in four separate vehicles on I-94 in St. Joseph, Michigan.
  23. People v. Sandoval – Holy Redeemer football player charged with Murder One in double homicide…including the death of his 19-year-old girlfriend.
  24. Miller Cohen v. Martens, Ice – Law firm split up with two senior partners suing seven junior partners.
  25. Guiseppe v. Moses – Million dollar fraud/contractual dispute involving sale of the legendary gay bar “Back Street” with $750,000 counterclaim verdict …spawned seven other lawsuits with debtor Guiseppe denied bankruptcy protection after bankruptcy trial 10/05.
  26. Rupersburg v. Etkin, et al – Construction accident involving four commercial defendants constructing the Marriott Hotel in Pontiac, Michigan with serious injuries to journeyman electrician.
  27. Wiley v. Amir – Windsor, Ontario shooting of University of Detroit at Mercy baseball player.