Balancing Friends, Tyrants and Love of Enemy

Balancing Friends, Tyrants and Love of Enemy John… Thanks for one of the best reads I’ve seen on the “never say die” and dangerous efforts of Donald Trump and his sycophants to destroy the checks and balances of the American Constitution.  (by Robert Kagan). The evidence is clear. Trump is a dictator in waiting. […]

Communion Conundrum Catholic Bishops vs Joe Biden (Right to be Born)

Communion Conundrum Catholic Bishops vs Joe Biden (Right to be Born) RIGHT TO BE BORN ??? I am a champion of human rights… the rights the Declaration of Independence refers to as “Self Evident Truths.” I therefore, champion the “right to be born,” but not because I am the back-row Catholic that I am. I would like […]

Christianity Blocking Access To… Justice For All

Christianity Blocking Access To… Justice For All Onward Christian Soldiers  Leading as to war.  Would Jesus even recognize What you’re fighting for ???    Forty-five years a Trial Lawyer has taught me that the word “Justice” embraces two different concepts…   Substantive Justice— the final “result”declared by a Judicial Tribunal, and Procedural Justice— the “process” by […]

Counterpoint on Religious Liberties

Counterpoint on Religious Liberties Disclaimers. Being part Irish, I acknowledge a certain contrarian streak in my DNA. But, I am not an atheist. In fact, I have written a chapter in my upcoming Book IV presenting the arguments for the existence of a God. I acknowledge my status as a “back-row” Catholic. My views on […]

Zero Tolerance… One Size Fits All

Zero Tolerance… One Size Fits All Re: Duxbury High School Football Coach Dave Maimaron Fired After Players Used Anti-Semitic Play Calls Why is life so “Zero Tolerance” these days ??? Why is life “One Strike and You’re Out” these days ??? What ever happened to… Each case decided on its own individual merits. Learn from […]

2nd Amendment Cage Fight

2nd Amendment Cage Fight HARD-ASS NRA HARD-WIRED DNA SECOND AMENDMENT… STATE OF THE LAW Today’s Second Amendment jurisprudence says the government is forbidden from banning handguns. See Heller One, 554 U.S. 570 (2008– a 5 to 4 decision written by Justice Scalia who, with an eye toward the future, indicated that, even the “inherent” right […]

The Other Side of Civility

The Other Side of Civility I recently read a piece on “civility” by our new State Bar President, Dennis Barnes. Although I agree with President Barnes, please allow me to present a necessary counterpoint. “Civility” (aka social etiquette) has its plusses and minuses. Civility is a two sided coin. On the plus side, civility is […]

Rumblin’ Around ‘N Tumblin’ Down

Rumblin’ Around ‘N Tumblin’ Down I heard a great song on the radio the other day, Rumble, by Link Wray and the Wraymen. As I emotionally drifted off into the undulating, guitar rhythms of “Rumble,” my mind started drifting back to good old, bad-ass days of Detroit (late 1950s and early 1960s) when a select cadre of over-the-top, […]


Originality Standing on Giants’ Shoulders… Seeing What Others Can’t 26 LETTERS & 13 SOUNDS Whether there is a God or not, the human mind engaged in original and creative thinking is wonder to behold… is it not ??? “Originality” in any discipline creates its own hierarchy of human endeavor… whether it be Science (Einstein… whose […]