The Fightin’ Irish of Detroit, Fightin’ in the Streets… Fighting’ in the Courts (An American Story)

A documentary told in the best tradition of Irish story telling. Fred’s documentary starts with the “flight of the starving Irish” seeking “sanctuary” from Ireland’s Great Potato Famine of the mid 1850s. Four generations and 100 years later, Fred’s documentary takes us on a entertaining and dramatic tour through the Detroit’s legal landscape as we visit “Courtrooms and Barrooms” and spend time with everyone from Detroit’s “elite” to Detroit’s murderous gang members. Fred finishes up with “a flurry of Fightin’ Irish uppercuts” as he pulls back the curtain and exposes the American Oligarchs and other Wizard of Oz establishment figures. In between Fred introduces us to all manner of colorful characters from Wall Streeters to Street fighters, from CEOs to Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn look-a-likes, from Hall of Famers to Hall of Shamers, from legit entrepreneurs to “blind pig” operators, from President Lincoln to President Trump and from Mona Lisa’s to Mad Hatters. As Michigan’s long-time Supreme Court Justice says, “If you like drama and entertainment, Fred’s book has your name on it.”

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What People Are Saying About The Fightin’ Irish of Detroit

A must-read for the Michigan lawyer!

As an attorney who formerly practiced in Detroit, this was a fantastic read! Mr. Lauck’s conversational style made me feel as though we were sitting somewhere over a beverage talking about the good ol’ days–past and present–of the Detroit legal community. It was fun to see a lot of familiar names in there and hear some of the stories that have been floating around the courthouse halls for years. A must-read for the Michigan lawyer…you don’t know law until you’ve practiced in the D!
– Alexander P., December 2017

Funny, Fantastic and Filled with Connections to So Many Dots!

As a disclaimer, I have to admit that I know the author. This can go one of two ways, however. I could have hated the book because it was not what I thought it could be or it could have enhanced the book. While the book stands on its own merits, knowing Fred makes the book sparkle even more. His outgoing, straight shooting and kind-heartedness are evident on every page. Just when I thought I knew it all, along comes a legend who shows you who’s boss. To say Fred has had an interesting life is an understatement. Not only does he or a family member seem to be connected with everything and everyone over the last 100 years, but his knowledge of all the key players in many facets of the fascinating history of Detroit is second to none.
This is a great book! It is also highly entertaining and written in a manner that makes it compelling to even those who are not products of Detroit and its environs.
Do yourself a favor; buy this book. You’ll quickly become engaged too. This is a story about life itself, one we could all write but might never do. Fred did it for us.
– M. Cavanaugh, April 2018

Seriously entertaining

I have enjoyed knowing this Author for thirty eight years, long before his first dynamic book “Children of the Greatest Generation.” Then came a second, and now Fightn’ Irish of Detroit. Engaged in a playful fist of cuffs with another patron in a local club my memory captured a freeze frame of Mr. Lauck, fists doubled up…one near his chin and the other ready to deliver what words weren’t getting through at the time. Though the years I have considered him a gentle giant who has given so much to help the under dogs of our world. Mr. Lauck, attorney at law doesn’t yield to bullies and protects those he fights for with integrity and wit though education and dedication of the law. He is truly one of a kind. I enjoyed this latest book as I jumped into the stories as if I were there, well I was actually there in at least one of the cases. An awesome read here.
– J. Pearson-AMT, November 2017

A great choice for someone thinking about law as a career…

The practice of law has a variety of specialties and Mr. Lauck’s book deals with the trial lawyer career path. The book gives examples of cases and situations that need to be addressed every day by a trial lawyer. When you finish the book I believe you will understand the challenges that these individuals face on a daily basis. Mr. Lauck’s writing style is one that will both entertain and educate you. He combines the stories with insight into the Irish psyche which is as confusing as it is amusing. A great choice for someone thinking about law as a career path.
– Elizabeth, November 2017

This is the third and best book by lawyer and author Fred Lauck

This is the third and best book by lawyer and author Fred Lauck. This book is about his experiences and some of the interesting courtroom trials that he has had in a career as a trial lawyer in and around Detroit for almost fifty years. It is also about the lawyers and judges (many of them are Irish American) that he has known during those years. His writing style is strong and his stories are interesting and informative. He shares many of the insights he has gained during his years in the courtroom. This is a good book about Detroit and the experiences of a successful attorney.
– J. Puleo, November 2017