Rumblin’ Around ‘N Tumblin’ Down

Rumblin’ Around ‘N Tumblin’ Down I heard a great song on the radio the other day, Rumble, by Link Wray and the Wraymen. As I emotionally drifted off into the undulating, guitar rhythms of “Rumble,” my mind started drifting back to good old, bad-ass days of Detroit (late 1950s and early 1960s) when a select cadre of over-the-top, […]


Originality Standing on Giants’ Shoulders… Seeing What Others Can’t 26 LETTERS & 13 SOUNDS Whether there is a God or not, the human mind engaged in original and creative thinking is wonder to behold… is it not ??? “Originality” in any discipline creates its own hierarchy of human endeavor… whether it be Science (Einstein… whose […]

Opus # 45
Epitaph of an American Traitor

Opus # 45 Epitaph of an American Traitor The genius of the Founders lay In words they were wont to say  And in the those they so eloquently wrote As they turned from Monarchy to Democracy    For an America they perceived on the autonomy of  … one citizen, one vote.   But look yonder… […]

Supreme Court’s Assault on Michigan Children, Seniors and the Disabled

Supreme Court’s Assault on Michigan Children, Seniors and the Disabled What kind of legal system would play “Russian Roulette” with the lives of our children, our seniors and the disabled? The answer: Michigan and it’s John Engler appointed Judges. Harsh criticism? It is. But, necessarily harsh because the loss of life and the loss of […]

God…To Be Or Not To Be

God…To Be Or Not To Be As John Lennon once sang… “Imagine…” Imagine there were no Holy Books. Imagine, no Bibles. Imagine, no Old Testament. Imagine, no New Testament, no Talmud, no Torah, no Koran and no other books that man claims God wrote through the inspired penmanship of man. What then??? Is there a […]

The American Irish…Still…”Fightin and Writin”

The American Irish…Still…”Fightin and Writin” SO, YOU WANT TO WRITE A BOOK? Not only a book, but you want to chronicle the “emotional history” of an entire generation – that generation of children born to Greatest Generation parents…that generation of children fortunate enough to hear the compelling wisdom, logic and common sense of the Greatest Generation, […]

Fox 2 Interview with Fred Lauck

Fox 2 Interview with Fred Lauck Fred recently spent some time in WJKB’s studio as part of their St. Patrick’s Day programming. Detroit’s Irish community is among the oldest immigrant populations in the city. Fred Lauck is a local attorney and author that’s chronicled the Irish influence on Metro Detroit for years. He recently released […]

Walking The Honduran Caravan

Walking The Honduran Caravan Tin soldiers and Nixon coming… four dead in Ohio I awoke at 5: A.M. in the middle of a fitful, full blown nightmare. I sat up on my five star, tempur-pedic mattress, threw off my cushy down comforter, turned the heat up a notch on my furnace and put my little […]

What Can You Trust???

What Can You Trust??? (Today, Tomorrow… 2,000 Years from Now) Recently, a conservative, Roman Catholic friend (recalling the Vietnam War), said he will “forever question the motives and direction of our government.” That’s good. Always question your government as a doubting Thomas would, and always hold a mirror up to government. The First Amendment of […]