Opus # 45 Epitaph of an American Traitor

The genius of the Founders lay
In words they were wont to say 
And in the those they so eloquently wrote
As they turned from Monarchy to Democracy  
 For an America they perceived on the autonomy of
 … one citizen, one vote.


But look yonder… over there 
And behold the decorative vault of a traitor 
A non-yielding dictator 
Fueling and refueling… the cauldron of hate 
 An Evangelist of Dissonance 
His historical fate… a Stalin fist of a White Supremacist. 


Trump’s dance with history is forever sealed
As the majority of America knows…
And, as our Senate… 57 to 43 shows 
 Number 45 is fully exposed in the dark shadows he straddles
With the same indelible mark of endless shame 
As he who bears that infamous name…
Donald Benedict Arnold.