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Children Of The Greatest Generation


Frederick Lauck’s three volume book


THE STORY OF US as we headed off to our local Grade Schools and then on to High School where the gifted excelled and accelerated into the fast lane of athletic, academic and social accomplishment, but where the less gifted refused to take “no” for an answer, and used the gift of determination over the “Marathon of Life” to move from the “Sidelines of Life” into the “Game of Life.”


THE STORY OF US as we left the cocoon of our family and our neighbor-hood and courageously ventured out into the larger world competing “mano a mano” on the Detroit sandlots, the minor leagues, the Major Leagues, the National Football League and in the world of Art, Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry, Politics, the whacked out world of Bar Bouncers, Brawlers and Prize Fighters and in the world of Courtroom Gladiators in the halls of justice where words are weapons… and the agile, lightning-quick reflexes of the articulate shine while the inarticulate stumble and descend into obscurity.


THE STORY OF US as we lose our old neighborhoods, our old haunts, our trusty landmarks and even the wisdom of the Greatest Generation… as the politicians and capitalists who now “Dance with Life” champion a materialistic world of wealth, power, influence peddlers, lobbyists, sleight of hand deception and corruption… to wage class warfare, establish a “Ruling Class” monarchy of the rich and derail our Democracy by silencing the voices of Trial Lawyers and juries who would hold them accountable to “We the People.”

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Wealth Power Politics Jesus


The Author, Fred Lauck, is a well “decorated” Trial Lawyer… including the Alumnus of the Year in 2006 from his University of Detroit Mercy Law School and including the “Champion of Justice” Award from the State Bar of Michigan in 2012. For 44 years, Fred’s role as a trial lawyer has made him the “voice” for those who have no voice… that 99 percent of Americans who have no wealth, no power and no say-so.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Fred’s first book: Children of the Greatest Generation… An Emotional History (600 pages). Fred’s second book: Wealth, Power, Politics and Jesus enters the Great American Debate at just the right time in America’s history— a time when America’s “middle class” and the “American Dream” itself are under siege with greed, power, global economies, violence and even “organized religion” contributing to the demise… with organized religion losing the essence of the “Message of Jesus” by reshuffling the same “lip service” and formalistic “ritual” that Jesus railed against in his world of 2000 years ago.

In his book, Fred takes up the daunting task of contrasting and reconciling the modern realities of wealth, power and politics with the 2000 year-old “Message of Jesus”… the message of a “revolutionary” who lost his life because he took on the organized religious powers of his time with a “rebellious message” of peace, love, moral non judgment, forgiveness, acceptance, inclusion and compassion.

Fred opens up a “no holds barred” discussion on what it means (at least for him) to stick with and follow the “Message of Jesus” in today’s modern world of global warfare, preemptive strikes of “shock and awe” against world tyrants, lawsuits by Catholic Bishops over “birth control,” political unrest between Labor Unions and corporate America, moral dilemmas about the very “sanctity of life” that lies between the “right to be born” principles and “right to work” laws, the ever growing disparity of wealth in a global economy, the fallacy of the “self-made man,” the opposing economic theories of “capitalism” and “socialism,” the historical ebb and flow between “concentration” and “redistribution” of wealth, the political and economic realities of how greed, power, and the American “ruling class” brought America’s economic engine of “capitalism” to its knees with the financial meltdown of 2008, the ongoing efforts of the American Trial Lawyer to hold the American “ruling class” accountable for their misdeeds… and numerous other relevant “topics of today”… all measured against the still echoing and still reverberating 2,000 year-old “voice” of Jesus of Nazareth.

Fred urges all of us to stand up and unite with Jesus by adopting the same ever questioning and rebellious spirit of Jesus. In Fred’s words:

“My friends are ‘strong adherents’ of the Christian faith… but are, too often, not willing to even raise a question about their church, as they fail to use the greatest gifts God gave us humans: intellect and free will, not to mention the paramount obligation we all have… to individually reason our way to the safe ground of our own salvation.”

~ Downtown Freddie from Detroit

The Fightin’ Irish of Detroit . . . Hard Cover


The Fightin’ Irish of Detroit, Fightin’ in the Streets… Fighting’ in the Courts (An American Story)
Hard Cover Edition

A documentary told in the best tradition of Irish story telling. Fred’s documentary starts with the “flight of the starving Irish” seeking “sanctuary” from Ireland’s Great Potato Famine of the mid 1850s. Four generations and 100 years later, Fred’s documentary takes us on a entertaining and dramatic tour through the Detroit’s legal landscape as we visit “Courtrooms and Barrooms” and spend time with everyone from Detroit’s “elite” to Detroit’s murderous gang members. Fred finishes up with “a flurry of Fightin’ Irish uppercuts” as he pulls back the curtain and exposes the American Oligarchs and other Wizard of Oz establishment figures. In between Fred introduces us to all manner of colorful characters from Wall Streeters to Street fighters, from CEOs to Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn look-a-likes, from Hall of Famers to Hall of Shamers, from legit entrepreneurs to “blind pig” operators, from President Lincoln to President Trump and from Mona Lisa’s to Mad Hatters. As Michigan’s long-time Supreme Court Justice says, “If you like drama and entertainment, Fred’s book has your name on it.”

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The Fightin’ Irish of Detroit . . . Paperback


The Fightin’ Irish of Detroit, Fightin’ in the Streets… Fighting’ in the Courts (An American Story)

Paperback Edition

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