“I read your book with a great deal of interest. Your style is quite unique. You certainly have had a rich litigation history.”

Emanuel Tanay, M.D.,
Noted Forensic Psychiatrist and Author of
American Legal Injustice and The Murders

“I’m honored to be part of your struggle and our mutual struggle. As Ten Bears said to Josey Wales, ‘Your words have iron in them. They are not words of the double tongues.’”

Bob Butler
Wayne County Prosecutor
(Chapter 15)

“I just finished reading “Girl from the Hood” and several other chapters!! It gave me goosebumps!! You are a tremendously gifted author. I treasure your vision and find your book a powerful reflection on integrity and goodness!”

Sister Camille Kelley
Former Principal, Mercy High School

“A beautiful story … I spent two hours carefully turning the pages and can’t wait to read your story in its entirety.”

Amy Nanni
Government Teacher
Catholic Central High School

“I just finished that wonderful romp through time, characters, vision and history. Your exuberant love of life in all its variety came pounding through at breakneck speed. Your work as an author is a marvelous showcase of how your life dynamically intertwined with the lives of so many others. Following the Five Bangs through their arrival and destiny was riveting. Loved the way you named names and put an unsparingly, honest floodlight on who was who and what was what.”

Newton “Bud” Jackson, Ph.D.
Forensic Psychologist
(Chapter 15)

“I especially want to thank you for Chapter 17. The Great Depression of 2008 America’s Ruling Class and Trial Lawyers. The ‘dumbing down’ of our nation is in full swing and you’ve explained very clearly how it is being done.”

Honorable Connie Marie Kelley
Wayne County Circuit Court
(Chapter 14)