“I have read about seventy-five pages thus far in the book. It is a fantastic book on life. Thanks for writing it.”

Michael Riordan
Assistant U.S. Attorney
United States Department of Justice

“This book is spellbinding. It's an emotional ride that captivates. It rips your heart.”

John Telford, Ph.D.,
Educator and Author
TV20 Detroit

“I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. But, I just had to tell you that I think the book is amazing. I am so enjoying it and wish I could keep reading. You did capture all of our lives in the book. Your memory is terrific, writing impeccable, and very enjoyable.”

Suellen May Lamb,
Poet and Author

“Read the first 165 pages of your book last night. Riveting! A MUST read for anyone who grew up on the west side of Detroit. Looking forward to the rest of the book.”

Jim Sanderson
Federal Agent United States Treasury Department
and Author of A Spoonful of Sugar

"Entertaining, enlightening and empowering."

Janice Pegg
A Girl from the Hood