“Superb and Inspirational piece of writing... this isn’t just a book for children who grew up in the 1940s.”

Bill Bonds
WXYZ Detroit News Anchor Icon

“First book I read “straight through the night” was “Exodus” by Leon Uris then “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Husseini. The third is your book: Children of the Greatest Generation. I laughed. I learned. Did I cry? I take the 5th! We are our mothers’ sons. If they praise our looks – a hundred women telling us the opposite won’t break us.”

Bobby Berg, Jr., Esquire

“Great book! Started to read. Started to cry! Decided to attack it like a box of chocolates. A little bit at a time and ‘always’ something different. Thanks Forrest Gump!”

Jim McDonald,
Senior Vice President
Northern Trust

“I could not put your book down until I read it through. Wow! Your style is very unique and the content kept me riveted.”

Kim and Tim Tonachella

"Totally enjoyed your book. Fascinating book. I couldn't put it down."

Judge Tom Fitzgerald
Michigan Court of Appeals

"Your book is a work of art. You are a credit to the Trial Bar, but more so to the human race. Clearly one person cannot change society. But,in the spirit of love of your fellow man, you are exemplary".

Jack Bindes Esquire