Excerpt from Chapter 20: There Used To Be A Ballpark Here

During the summers and falls, other lesser known Gladiators in the spectator seats entertained the crowds at the Corner with stupendous battles and knock outs. The fans’ favorite was Marty “K.O.” Lahti, the “King of Fenkell and Livernois Ave.” K.O. Lahti always stayed late at the Corner for “last call”… invariably turning out the lights of many a boastful and “beery” challenger. How could we ever forget the British tourist who, after taking in his first American football game, got knocked out by K.O. because he had the singular misfortune of referring to “K.O.” as a “bloke.” After putting his lights out, an always defensive K.O. asked me: “What’s a ‘bloke’?” My response: “I don’t know… but any man who calls another man a ‘bloke’ deserves what he gets, K.O.”