Excerpt from Chapter 1: In The Beginning

At this wondrous moment, while relatives of the newborns pondered what greatness the future would hold for their new arrivals, Dr. Nathan Goodfellow magically appeared out of a puff of cigar smoke. Dr. Goodfellow, admiring his deliveries, overheard the relatives’ dreams and ambitions for each new infant’s future. Dr. Goodfellow, a wise and caring man, shook his head and cautioned one and all:

“Above all, the individual uniqueness of each infant must be recognized and appreciated, a uniqueness which must be turned loose into the world to find its own star, its own course, its own dream, and fulfill its own destiny, unburdened by the well-intentioned, but counter-productive, expectations of family members and well wishers.”

Excerpt Two from Chapter 1: In The Beginning

…But, for the most part, the environment and nurture in the Hood was a combination of good news – bad news, painted by parents who were a patchwork of all of life’s emotions. The lucky ones, however, grew up in households where the good of nurture outweighed the bad – homes where the new, young souls would be given a peaceful, protected place to live as they started to take baby steps toward their physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Excerpt from Chapter 3: Vicissitudes of High School

…After such an exhaustive, yet instantaneous check list evaluation of the words, thoughts and concepts of others, you then select a response in an instant – a response that is relevant to and most appropriate for the particular context or social setting you find yourself in, after which you then articulate your response, basically agreeing, disagreeing or expanding on the words, thoughts and concepts of others… all done effortlessly in a millisecond.