Excerpt from Chapter 12: Michigan Marty… Charismatic Tough Guy

…School was out and life was in. After all, Kerouac, the spokesman for a generation of restless youths, just told everyone life is to be lived, not studied, analyzed or contemplated.

So, Michigan Marty and his boys all bought saxophones, trumpets, clarinets and trombones, took a few lessons, and drove through the Hood on Fenkell and Livernois in old convertibles “honking” on those horns. That outrageous “scene” was something to behold: youthful characters searching to establish an identity, riding through the Hood at Livernois and Fenkell, blaring out a cacophony of discordant sounds that reverberated off store front windows and into the endless summer nights of the mid-1950s, and on up to the Milky Way Galaxy, and then on up to the very ears of God – the creator of “free will” that opened the door for this discordant symphony of restless youth. Let’s have another cocktail.