Excerpt from Chapter 10: John Argenta… Major League Artist

Giovanni Argenta was one of 28,867 immigrants who entered America through Ellis Island in 1918, down significantly from 1.2 million immigrants in 1914. He was one of 5.2 million Italian immigrants who entered America over a 158 year period from 1820 to 1978 – a half a million more than the Irish immigrants. Giovanni Argenta joined the ranks of such notable immigrants as: Frank Capra, the great Italian movie director; Knute Rockne from Norway, the storied Notre Dame football coach – Knute “win one for the Gipper” Rockne; Al “Blackface” Jolson, the “Jazz Singer” from Russia; Father Edward Flanagan, the Irish Priest who established Boystown in Nebraska on the slogan that: “There is no such thing as a bad kid;” and Irving “God Bless America” Berlin from Russia.