Excerpt from Chapter 6: Life… Levels the Playing Field

Unvalidated, unnoticed and exhausted, she collapsed into her bed and fell into a fitful sleep. She dreamed that she ran away to join the carnival, but the distorted, misfit faces of the carney workers screamed when they saw her and ran away from her. She dreamed that she went to church alone, and, as she walked into the church, the congregation got up and walked out on her. She then knelt in prayerful submission, finally looked up toward the altar where she saw a sign that read: “God is tending to others Brenda; please call back another time.” At that very moment, someone got the drop on her from behind, and she felt forceful hands on her throat… squeezing the life out of her as she struggled to breathe. She was slipping into unconsciousness as she struggled against the frozen muscle paralysis of her deep sleep rapid eye movement dream stage.