Excerpt from Chapter 5: The Game of Life

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Sammy saw a young doctor bend over the man and yell out “Code Blue!” “Code Blue!” Within seconds, four nurses were with the doctor, and the doctor was bent over the man pressing his thumb and index finger at the top of the man’s throat as if he were trying to straighten out the man’s windpipe. “We need an airway!” yelled the doctor, and then calmly asked the man: “Give me a history; what happened?” “Everything is black,” the man feebly replied. “I’m losing it. I’m going toward the darkness.” The woman blurted out: “He was swarmed by bees and he’s having a difficult time breathing.” “Anaphylactic shock!” yelled the doctor. “Get a gurney, oxygen, Effeneferin, Prednisone and warm blankets.” The two little girls were sobbing. Their fragile little minds could not process anything other than terror as they saw the strongest man in their world, their father, going down helplessly. Sammy was also overwhelmed by the life and death struggle he stumbled upon, but, even in his own state of shock, he couldn’t help but admire the leadership of the take-control, cool headed, young doctor that everyone in the Northwest Detroit Hood now looked up to… to take charge of a medical emergency that, to Sammy’s eye, seemed to be quickly marching toward a final, fatal outcome. In that same moment, Sammy clearly realized that only the cool-headed young doctor stood between life and death in the struggle which the man seemed to be losing.