Children of the Greatest Generation . . .
An Emotional History
by Frederick W. Lauck

The Story of Us

THE STORY OF US as we headed off to our local Grade Schools and then on to High School where the gifted excelled and accelerated into the fast lane of athletic, academic and social accomplishment, but where the less gifted refused to take “no” for an answer, and used the gift of determination over the “Marathon of Life” to move from the “Sidelines of Life” into the “Game of Life.”


Children of the Greatest Generation CoverBOOK TWO… WE DANCED WITH LIFE
THE STORY OF US as we left the cocoon of our family and our neighbor-hood and courageously ventured out into the larger world competing “mano a mano” on the Detroit sandlots, the minor leagues, the Major Leagues, the National Football League and in the world of Art, Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry, Politics, the whacked out world of Bar Bouncers, Brawlers and Prize Fighters and in the world of Courtroom Gladiators in the halls of justice where words are weapons… and the agile, lightning-quick reflexes of the articulate shine while the inarticulate stumble and descend into obscurity.

THE STORY OF US as we lose our old neighborhoods, our old haunts, our trusty landmarks and even the wisdom of the Greatest Generation… as the politicians and capitalists who now “Dance with Life” champion a materialistic world of wealth, power, influence peddlers, lobbyists, sleight of hand deception and corruption… to wage class warfare, establish a “Ruling Class” monarchy of the rich and derail our Democracy by silencing the voices of Trial Lawyers and juries who would hold them accountable to “We the People.”