God...To Be Or Not To Be

As John Lennon once sang... "Imagine..." Imagine there were no Holy Books. Imagine, no Bibles. Imagine, no Old Testament. Imagine, no New Testament, no Talmud, no Torah, no Koran and no other books that man claims God wrote through the inspired penmanship of man. What then??? Is there a God or isn't there a God???

Without a single reference to a single Holy Book, how would the conversation, "does God exist"???... proceed??? Does God exist or not exist??? Is God a fairy tale or a reality??? Was God made up to control the masses??? Was God made up to control the keys to the ebb and the flow of earthly kingdoms??? How do we humans sort out one "belief"... there is a God, from the other (atheist) "belief"... there is no God??? Translated, how do we humans decide which of the two mutually exclusive "beliefs" to accept???... knowing full well that neither belief is provable beyond a reasonable doubt???

I approach these questions with no preferred answer, with no "confirmation bias" directing me toward one answer over another answer and without any attempt to direct the conversation to any pre-conceived result that I want to see. I have no pre-existing need for a God to exist or not exist. I am not a missionary trying to convert anyone. I am not a "born again," evangelical proposing to dominate other belief systems with mine. I am just one human being, starting a conversation and asking the rhetorical question... "What's it all about, Alfie"??? (1966 film starring Michael Caine with title song, Alfie, written by Burt Bacharach and sung by Dionne Warwick). "What's it all about, Alfie"??? When you sort it out, what's it all about... Alfie???

One day, mankind stood up on two legs, and, for the first time, looked out toward the horizon and then scanned the heavens above and silently asked in a primitive, long lost language... who started all this??? The answer for us modern humans (living in our present state of ignorance) is???... the "Big Bang" of course. As the scientists of today concur, the "Big Bang" started all that we see and all that we don't see (but that we know is there through the application of mathematics, physics, astronomy, logic, deductive reasoning and interpretation of high-powered telescopes). The unwavering consensus among scientists???... the Big Bang started it all, over 13 billion years ago. But, that's only a half answer. Searching for a full answer requires us to ask... "who lit the match"???

We must realize, upfront, that any attempt to answer the question of "who lit the match" will necessarily leave us in the midst of two, mutually exclusive, unprovable "beliefs" and leave us with a choice to accept one "unprovable belief"... God exists... or, alternatively, accept the other (atheistic) "unprovable belief"... God does not exist. Our search begins by seeking help from the inherited gifts of our evolutionary birthright... our evolutionary "telescopic mind," our evolutionary inheritance of logic and deductive reasoning which we employ to look at and weigh the "probabilities" and see whether... it is more probable than not that God exists???... or more probable than not that God doesn't exist???

On one side of the argument, we have theoretical belief #1... no God i.e. the "Big Bang" started out of a complete void of "nothingness" with the instrumentality of "nobody" and expanded into an ever-expanding universe of "everything" eventually producing us "highly intelligent" forms of life on planet earth (and, perhaps, other intelligent life, on other similarly situated "goldilocks" planets). That "out of nothingness" Big Bang which became everything by the way of the instrumentality of "nobody"... is a theoretical belief that defies any sense of human logic, deductive reasoning or rational belief— although apparently famed scientist, Stephen Hawking, accepted this ("there is no God") "belief." But, remember Hawking is human, he doesn't know anything more than the rest of us about the philosophical (metaphysical) question of God and Hawking has previously admitted to at least one huge scientific mistake in his past i.e. that everything swallowed up by a black hole must be lost forever. Also remember, science "believes" black holes exist, but black holes cannot be seen and astronomers and physicists have yet to scientifically prove that black holes exist. Ditto for "dark matter" and "dark energy" which (according to science theory) predominates in quantity well beyond the visible matter and visible energy of the Universe.

So, do you believe (as the atheist Hawking did... and remember "believe" is the operative word)... repeat, do you "believe" that the Big Bang started out of nothing, with no instrumentality lighting the match and proceeded to us humans of planet earth and everything else in the ever-expanding Universe (or everything else that may exist in parallel Universes... if they even exist)??? Hard to logically accept that premise of catapulting from the nothingness before the Big Bang to the everything-ness after the "Big Bang"... through the instrumentality of nothing.

On the other side of the argument, there is theoretical belief #2... the Supreme Being theory. The Supreme Being theory, although not subject to scientific proof either, is a hell of a lot more plausible, logical and believable than the (opposite) theory that one day 13 billion years ago, "nothing" started the Big Bang and that "nothingness" turned into an ever-expanding Universe of "everything"... through the instrumentality of "nobody." As I say, a Supreme Being lighting the match, seems to fit the "probabilities" more logically and deductively than the opposite probability and "belief" that "nobody" or nothing lit the match.

So, in my present ignorance (and in the present state of scientific ignorance in 2018 A.D.), which "belief" (and, again, the operative word is "belief")... repeat, which "belief" is sounder, more logical, more plausible and "more likely than not"???... the one belief that says out of "nothingness" through the instrumentality of nobody came "everything" (the ever-expanding universe and intelligent life)??? Or, do you gravitate toward the other belief that says a Supreme Being existed before the "Big Bang" and that Supreme Being lit the match to the "Big Bang"??? While you figure out which of the two mutually exclusive beliefs you choose to "believe" in, let's consider a follow-up question re who is this Supreme Being???... a man, a woman, a Dali Lama, a black hole, gravity, a magnetic force, an energy force, a gravitational force, a quasar (the second most brilliant light in the universe), love (the brightest light in the Universe), etc. That is the next question to logically take a stab at.

Starting with the "more likely than not" premise that a Supreme Being lit the match for the Big Bang, the question now becomes who or what is this Supreme Being??? What kind of Supreme Being??? By definition, a Supreme Being (who lit the match for the "Big Bang" that led to the creation of the Universe and mankind)... repeat, by definition, that Supreme Being must have what human beings have i.e. intellect, emotion, feelings, personalty, etc... or the Supreme Being wouldn't be "Supreme" and capable of lighting a match on a cosmic scale that led to you and me... intelligent, emotional, feeling human beings with diverse personalities. Translated, if we humans have attributes that God lacks (emotions, feelings, personality, etc) then that (lacking) God by the very definition of "Supreme" would not (and could not) be the Supreme Being.

The bottom line... Does God exist??? Apparently, nobody can prove the existence (or the non-existence of God) one way or the other... even though Einstein spent hours on his death bed unsuccessfully trying to prove the existence of God, mathematically. But, the exercise of human logic and deductive reasoning seem to support a "belief" in the existence of a God or the Supreme Being... and that logic and deductive reasoning appears to me to be sounder, more logical, more plausible, more believable and more acceptable than the contrary (atheistic) "belief" against the existence of God. And, having spent a life time as a Trial Lawyer, I say with confidence that... if a Jury were impaneled to determine whether God exists, I think the Jury (although not capable of giving a definitive answer) would have to conclude that the logical proofs show that it is "more likely than not" that there is a God. That doesn't mean there is, but it does mean the evidence for the existence of God is stronger than the evidence against the existence of God. So be it.

Maybe the very struggle I have described is brought about because, by definition, we humans with finite minds cannot bridge the logical gap between the infinite mind of God and the finite mind of us humans. Example. I tried to explain this conversation to my dog Shadow this morning, but she just looked at me with a blank stare... kind of like us trying to bridge the gap between our finite minds and the infinite mind of a Supreme Being.

This piece about the existence of God may not be the "tightest" piece I ever wrote, but it is one of the more interesting ones. Okay,I have reached the outer limits of my own logic, deductive reasoning, analysis and communication ability and I am spent. Come over here Shadow dog and tell me about your world of simplicity... eat, sleep, get petted and, everyone once and awhile, outside to the bathroom... never having to foresee and accept your own mortality or having to draft a will or a trust leaving behind your unused dog biscuits for your puppies.

Capitalism and Socialism Redistribution of Wealth and Fairy Tales for “Self Made Men”

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Second Amendment . . . Armageddon In The Octagon




Today's Second Amendment jurisprudence says the government is forbidden from banning handguns. See Heller One, 554 U.S. 570 (2008-- a 5 to 4 decision written by Justice Scalia who, with an eye toward the future, indicated that, even the "inherent" right to bears arms under the Second Amendment, is not an absolute "right to keep and carry any weapons whatsoever, in any manner whatsoever, for whatever purpose"). But, Government can, however, ban AR15s, like the one used in Parkland Florida to take 17 lives on Valentines Day 2018-- at least until the U.S. Supreme Court says otherwise, if they ever do. See Heller Two, 670 F3d 1244 (2015 D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals).


There may be a semblance of logic and law in both the majority and the dissenting opinions of Heller One and Heller Two. But, for most Americans, logic, law, deductive reasoning and legal analysis take a back seat to long-seated, preexisting, emotional bias that surrounds firearms and the Second Amendment. My 75 year understanding of human nature tells me thatheredity aka DNA hard-wiringcreates a primitive, preexisting emotional response that predisposes Americans to either favor the NRA position of a Second Amendment on steroids with its absolute right to bear arms of any and all kinds whatsoever, or, alternatively, predisposes Americans toward the banning of military type weapons in the hands of civilians.

While the Second Amendment battle for the hearts and minds of Americans rages on, I foresee an upcoming battle to end all battles... an "Armageddon in the Octagon" that will decide once and for all whose DNA hard-wiring will ultimately prevail in the American, Constitutional landscape that seeks to define the contours of the Second Amendment.


Tonight's a night that will be remembered in infamy. 100,000 "standing room only" spectators, stand shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow, packed into the Roman Colosseum to watch the "battle of all battles." These present-day lovers of epic violence and daring have paid $3,000 a ticket just to stand in the shadow of history and bask in the days of glory gone by-- days when ferocious lions devoured the early Christians and days when Gladiators fought to the death against wild beasts as well as against one another... "mano e mano".

Today's spectators of the octagon are the successors of those who relished the historic battles of old. Today's spectators are the new-wave followers of "Texas Death Matches" (whatever that's about). These spectators of today have come from continents across the globe to witness this Armageddon in the Octagon. They have already whipped themselves up to fever pitch, as impresario Vince McMahan takes the microphone and begins the introductions that will begin the "battle that will end, all the battles".


Out of the red corner. Laaaaadieeeees aaaaand gennnntlemen. This is the cage fight to the death that we have all been waiting for. So lets get riiiiight to it. Fighting out of the red corner and representing the Second Amendment warriors of the NRA, we have many familiar faces, starting with the much hyped, bellicose citizens of America "armed to the teeth" as they are with AR15s and other military style weapons, all wearing tee shirts emblazoned with a scull and cross bones and all shouting out the war chant, "NRA!!! NRA!!! NRA!!! NRA!!! NRA!!! NRA!!!" I can see everyone is revved up and ready for tonight's "Arrrrrmaaaaageeeeedon
in the Occccctaaaaagon"!!!

Supporting America's "armed to the hilt" citizens and also fighting out of the red corner of death and destruction, are the likes of which have filled our world with horror and terror for as long as human time can remember. Although these household names need no introduction, I give you Geeeeenghiiiisssss Khaaaaannnnn, Alexxxxxaaaaanderrrrr the Grrrrreat, the one and only Caeeeeesarrrrr of Rooooome, his crucifying corner men spitting out nails of crucifixion, rat ta tat tat!!! Take that... "smack"!!! Also in the red corner, I give you that king of barbarism, Aaaaattilllllaaaaa the Huuuuunnnnn, standing alongside those much feared explorers and occupiers of new world America, the fearless Connnnnquiiiiistaaaaadors of Spain, and their one time foe, the "Colonizers" from Great Britain, along with some new charter members, the Taliban and ISIS, plus some Christian Crusaders who have already registered for tonight's event, but who have yet to pay their entrance fee to the NRA. We are assured, as we speak, that they are returning from the Holy Land with a goodly fortune from the selling of indulgences to the infidels. These ever-dangerous Crusaders should be here momentarily and pay their NRA membership fees, square up with the promoter, Don King, and jump in the affray. Let's hear it for this line-up of "over the top," pure pedigree, DNA, NRA charter members of death and destruction... all fighting out of the reeeeeddddd corrrrrnerrrrr!!!

The Second Amendment crowd and their groupies in residence roar with "stage door Johnnie" approval, NRA!!! NRA!!! NRA!!!... as the "rapture" of anticipated violence, death, dismembering and destruction hits a resounding cacophony in an "over the top" crescendo of NRA!!! NRA!!! NRA!!!

Aaaaaaaaaand, nowwwww, fighting out of blue corner, if you even want to call it fightin,' I give you a disparate bunch of pacifists and bleeding heart liberals, well known for their chicken-hearted failure to stand up with the violence of arms, AR15s and bump stocks... those who fail again and again to worry enough about dominating God's children of color. I now give youuuuu those weak kneed pacifists ... Jesus of Nazareth, Mahatma Gandhi, the wise and gentlemanly Rabbi Hillel, the always "something to hide" Dali Lama, who once dodged the Special Prosecutor's question, "What religion are you"???... by inappropriately responding with the irrelevant answer, "My religion is kindness." Joining those historical enigmas of non-violence is South Africa's notorious black, long-time convict, Nelson Mandela, who appears along with America's ineffective, "just havin' a daydream" Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, accompanied by his like minded and just as ineffective preacher, the Reverend Mr. Black, who got knocked on his back by a hard punchin' lumberjack and, just "turned the other cheek." Finally, the last two contestants fighting out of the non-fighting blue corner are that chicken hearted, draft dodger, the "Champ" aka Muhammad Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, out of Louisville, Kentucky and, last and certainly least, that sweet, but naïve, Pollyanna-ish, Catholic nun who foolishly claims... "the meek will inherit the earth." All the way from the slums of Calcutta, now Kolkata, I give you the mother of all mothers, Moooootherrrrr, Teeeeerrrrreeeeesa!!!

No discernible response other than few barely audible "amens" and some mumbles about walking through some lonesome valley of their enemies while showing no fear.


Please rise for the National Anthem to be sung by that genius of unending opinions and verbal attacks who calls 16 year-old high schoolers "soulless" because they dare take to the streets to protest against the NRA. I give you the one and only, NRA poster boy and fearless big game hunter who courageously guns down our unarmed white tail deer friends with his bevy of high-powered rifles. I give you the one and only "Motor City Madman"-- Ted (don't call me Theodore the Chipmunk) Nugent. He will be accompanied on piano and backup vocals by Kid "Made in America" Rock-- just off one of his memorable skirmishes in one of Detroit's topless joints. After the singing of the National Anthem by the dynamic duo of the "Tedster" and the "Kidster," the blue corner will give you the loser song of all time by John "just trying to give peace a chance" Lennon.


Damn it. I fell asleep during the first round. But, as I eventually awake and the fog of battle lifts, I see that Vince McMahan's verbal assault of the night before has left me shipwrecked on some desolate island in the Caribbean, surrounded by 30 or 40, six inch tall Lilliputians who have traded in their miniature bow and arrows of yesterday for the real life AR15s of today.

Now!!! That's what I'm talkin' about.

Fox2 Interview with Fred Lauck

Fred recently spent some time in WJKB's studio as part of their St. Patrick's Day programming

Detroit's Irish community is among the oldest immigrant populations in the city.

Fred Lauck is a local attorney and author that's chronicled the Irish influence on Metro Detroit for years. He recently released his third book "The Fightin' Irish of Detroit ... Fightin' in the Street ... Fightin' in the Courts."

He stopped by the Fox2 News studios Saturday morning to talk about the Irish settling in the Detroit area and influence the Irish community has had in shaping the legal system today.

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The Evolution of Sex... Revolution at Michigan State

Michigan State football... four players kicked off the team for sexual improprieties (perhaps crimes… time will tell) and one assistant coach gone. 

Sex and young men and women… always problematic, the eternal challenge: "Hang down your head, Tom Dooley.” The survival of our species depends upon sex and young men and women. As the great historian Will Durant says in his fine book The Lessons of Historynature does not care about the welfare of individuals within the species; nature cares only about the survival of the species and, therefore nature smiles upon multiple births and more and more procreation and thereafter for nature... it’s just “survival of the fittest” to insure the strength of the species and its ability to survive. That is still the rule for the animal kingdom today. 

But man has spiritually evolved (through the message of the Jesus and through the message of the prophets, I suspect) and changed the rule of nature and "survival of the fittest" to a modern day rule that says, we must concern ourselves with not only the species, but with the rights of the individual members within the species. Under nature’s law, neither Beethoven, Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles or Andrea Bocelli  (handicapped as they were) would survive. They lose nature's “survival of the fittest” battle because they are not physically equipped to survive. They couldn’t hear or they couldn’t see, so they couldn't escape the threats to their survival. But, under man’s modern rule that protects the rights of the individuals within the species, they all survive and go on to great success. 

But, a caveat… much of the nature's "evolutionary urge" to procreate, procreate, procreate and keep on procreating for the benefit of survival of the species still remains today in the "evolutionary psyche” of modern man. We call it “sex drive” and it varies in intensity from man to man and woman to woman depending upon (I suspect) their DNA and varying amounts of testosterone and estrogen.   

Therefore, in our modern world, there still exists as part of man’s evolutionary past an overwhelming urge (some would say “irresistible impulse”) to engage in sex, engage in sex, engage in sex and keep on procreating and procreating and keep on strengthening the species with multiple births and larger and larger populations. This left-over “evolutionary psyche” of rampant procreation has left us with a host of modern day problems even though modern man is no longer a pregnancy machine, herd animal. These modern day problems include non-consensual sex, miscommunication... young men with one agenda and young women with another agenda, broken relationships and broken hearts, lack of knowledge re birth control, unwanted pregnancies, termination of pregnancies, right to life, religious taboos, double standards and more. 

What the hell is a father or mother or Football Coach suppose to do??? control all of this??? control the overwhelming urges of evolution and nature??? Impossible. Anyone who tells you that it’s just “mind over matter” is either a eunuch or is “sophomoric” or both. Would that it were that simple. Man is not that far removed (evolutionary speaking) from the animal kingdom that impregnates every female it can in the herd, and, if you think otherwise, I think you fail to grasp the overwhelmingness of the sexual urge in young men. 

All you can do as a Football Coach is try to recruit the right athlete from the right family (a roll of the dice many times) and then set the culture, the culture that tries to stop young men from physically/sexually abusing women (and women from taking emotional advantage of men). But, the sexual urge is evolutionary and is so much stronger in young men than words or the setting of culture. All you can do is hope and pray that no one takes physical or emotional advantage of anyone else.

The last 20 years of technology have changed the world forever. Yet the last 2000 years of the pursuit of understanding life have brought very little insight into the ongoing sexual dichotomy between the overwhelming, evolutionary urge to procreate and the accompanying need to control that urge… varying, of course, with the amount of testosterone in any given male.

Despite the best laid plans of Mice and Men and Football Coaches, when it comes to the sexual urges of procreation... predicting (or controlling) the sexual behavior of athletes and non-athletes alike is always a roll of the dice… perhaps, even a “fool’s errand.”