New Article - Anxiety, Fear of Failure and Surviving Education In The 21st. Century

Fred has just published a new article on surviving education in the 21st century.

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New Article - Gay Rights and Obama Care Prevail

Fred has just published an article about Gay Marriage and Obama Care . . .

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New Article . . . Smoking a Joint with “The Killer”… or Not?

Read Fred's latest article entitled "Smoking a Joint with “The Killer”… or Not?". This is a short story about when "The Killer", Jerry Lee Lewis came to town back in 1966. Click Here to Read it or Download it in .pdf format.


New Article - Writers of Irish Descent

See the latest article entitled "The American Irish . . . Still . . . "Fightin and Writin"

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New Article on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Fred has published a new article justifying a non violent "Occupy Wall Street" movement....

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