New Article - Open and Obvious

I respectfully give you my straight forward view of what's wrong with the entire body of law surrounding "open and obvious''... that body of law that denies the rights of Michigan citizens to recover for injury, disability or death when they are injured, disabled or killed by a dangerous condition on a business owner's property.

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New Article - Anxiety, Fear of Failure and Surviving Education In The 21st. Century

Fred has just published a new article on surviving education in the 21st century.

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New Article - Gay Rights and Obama Care Prevail

Fred has just published an article about Gay Marriage and Obama Care . . .

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New Article . . . Smoking a Joint with “The Killer”… or Not?

Read Fred's latest article entitled "Smoking a Joint with “The Killer”… or Not?". This is a short story about when "The Killer", Jerry Lee Lewis came to town back in 1966. Click Here to Read it or Download it in .pdf format.


New Article - Writers of Irish Descent

See the latest article entitled "The American Irish . . . Still . . . "Fightin and Writin"

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