Homicide In Melvindale

Death ... when it comes unannounced and "out of the blue," is the most difficult of losses to comprehend ... especially when a loved one dies before their time.

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Outline & Syllabus For Original Thinking

When I open the door for "original thinking" and invite you in, I give you the gift (the permission and encouragement, if you will) to start to become your own person with your own original thoughts... although I fully understand that, in the pursuit of "originality," we are all "standing on the shoulders of giants" who came before us.

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Michigan Courts: Open Season on Our Children (Flint Children in the Crosshairs)

The repeated "the King can do no wrong" theme that is sent out from the Michigan Courts to the State of Michigan and all its employees: "It's okay to play Russian Roulette with the lives of children and throw all caution to the wind because we are all the King's men." But, I ask: "who will put our children back together again"???

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Murder and Courtroom Manners

In 1972, Patrick Ryder Esquire referred an "Open Murder" case to me. A 28-year-old kid, John Calvin, living in the close quarters of an Ypsilanti, Michigan apartment complex, got tired of the loud music in the next apartment. Calvin knocked on the door and confronted two slightly younger kids.... One of them holding a shotgun as a show of force. Calvin took the shot gun away, and in the process one of the kids ended up dead.

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A New Year's Eve Baby Takes a Pass on New Year's Eve

This is the “true account” of how a simple, innocent looking, unadorned “fifth” of Slo Gin took on and took out two of Northwest Detroit’s toughest guys… all within a single hour. Fasten your seat belts.

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